calling all rockstars! the soundtrack of your life e-course has arrived! (psst! and it’s FREE!)

are you ever in your car, listening to the radio all old school, when a song comes on that instantly takes you back to your childhood?

are you ever out on an early morning run and shift into high gear when that certain tune starts to blaze through your iPod?

are you ever missing someone you love and pop in a CD to hear “your song”?

i’m definitely familiar with all of the above! (well, except for the early morning run shenanigans. this gal was definitely not made to be a runner!)

nearly all of us play a certain ditty from time to time to get us ready for something big or to get work done all 80s movie montage style.

music is everywhere.

it’s part of us. it’s the background poetry of our lives. 

it’s our soundtrack, if you will.

since i’m all about encouraging you to tell your stories, i got to thinkin’ that you might like some tools to guide you through the process. and music, well, that’s a powerful one, baby!

i’m excited (like of the uber variety!) to unveil my first ever e-course to you.


right now. 

knowing that music is an amazing way to shake your memories into motion (thus allowing those stories to flow like fine wine on a first date), i’ve designed a 28-day e-course to assist you in creating a playlist that exemplifies the personal and sometimes sacred, sexy, soulful sojourn that you call life. 

so here it is, the soundtrack of your life.

and while i could go on and on (you know how i can be), i’m going to turn the mic over to you. but by all means, invite some friends. 😉

it’s time to let the music play. 


need help telling your story?

don’t worry about a thing, sweet pea. i got ya covered!

come on over!

we’ll chat, discover the stories that are dancing inside you, and we’ll make it happen. 

14 Responses to calling all rockstars! the soundtrack of your life e-course has arrived! (psst! and it’s FREE!)

    • yay! you will have to share your finished soundtrack when you’re all done. i’m so excited to see what you come up with! 😀

  1. I just have to comment that I keep coming back to this e-course as one of the most SUPER FUN e-courses I’ve ever experienced 9I write this almost 2 years after first experiencing it). And also one of the few I actually COMPLETED. I really got into this, and enjoyed the meaningful journey this took me through while evaluating the songs that have held such importance in my life. We all love to listen to songs, and we have our favorites, but this course forces you to pause and really evaluate WHY these songs have such meaning for you. There is so much self-exploration that came through, in the easiest and most playful way I’ve ever experienced. WAY TO GO, WOZ. This class is a WINNER.

    • I’m going to kick this off Wendy and Woz staring June 1. Perfect for my first month of self employment! And I’m sharing with some other friends too! I’m excited to be here and try this though I’m playlist deprived. Thank you for sharing. Wendy Fedan. And thank you for your generosity Woz!

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