press play and enter stage left — it’s theme song time, baby!

i feel like going all rocky style this morning. dun! dun, dun, dun! dun, dun, dun! dun dun duuuuuuuuun!

it’s like nothing can stop me now. nope, not even a snow storm in philly while running effortlessly up a bizillion steps.

the eye of the wozzie

okay, okay, who am i kidding? i get winded chasing after my son to grab the tv remote from his cookie-crumb smothered hands.

earlier this year, i released a free e-course as a fun way to jog down memory lane and choose songs to be part of life’s soundtrack. (btw, who says “jog” as if it’s fun? i think i’m going to use a word that doesn’t make me want to pass out — like cupcake).

after receiving so much feedback on the course and reading people’s song choices in the simply kismet community, i thought it was high time for me to join on in.

so i begin to cupcake down my own memory lane.

track one is about claiming your personal theme song and, honestly, wasn’t that easy for me to pin point.

i realized that i’ll most likely have a number of different themes throughout my life and decided to just go with the one that spoke to me the most right NOW.

even though i’ve broken up with depression, he still comes around and wants to see if i want to patch things up. he tries to lure me back with his tricky ways in such a seductive fashion that, i must admit, i find myself getting cozy with him on my couch.

those snuggle sessions are less than even a few months ago because i’m waking up to a better way of living that doesn’t include a deadbeat lover like depression.

yes, i’ve finally woken up.

*cue theme song*

today’s selection is brought to you by jem (no, not the one who rocks out with her holograms):


finally woken

finally woken, finally woken

i’ve been thinking ’bout things
for a long while
i’m feeling so calm
i’ve got a big smile
i have a view of the sun
right over the sea
and now i can feel
life is flowing through me

you see I’ve finally woken
from a long sleep
i’m ready to jump
to make that blind leap
coz i now believe
i have the power in me
i’ve got the faith baby
i can truly be free

finally woken
finally woken

child don’t worry it’s ok
the sun is out for another day
and i say it’ll be alright
(be alright)
today’s the first day of the
rest of your life
remember, remember,
remember this, remember

and while a new theme song will likely replace this one down the road, it’s good to know that i’ve finally woken to see what comes next.


how about you? what’s YOUR theme song?

tell me about it here or, better yet, go here to download the course and join us in the kismet community to share your soundtrack with others doing the exact same thing.

here’s to your cupcake down memory lane. it’s going to be delicious.

4 Responses to press play and enter stage left — it’s theme song time, baby!

  1. What a great song!
    I highly recommend Woz’s ecourse to anyone ( I’ve really enjoyed it, and I love the friendly community she’s set up!
    Nothing better than waking up with Rocky music in your head!
    Lately I’ve been longing to hear U2’s “It’s a Beautiful Day” more often. I love blasting that song. It expresses such zest for life. Makes me feel like I’m ready to face the world and all it’s challenges. Maybe that’s not what I’m supposed to feel from this song – I sense some dark meaning in it as well, but I decide to focus on the overall feeling of euphoria it sends me.

    • that song is actually starting to grow on me in recent years. i’ve never been a huge U2 fan for some reason, so never really listened to this song. my sweetie has a soft spot for it because it was played during the superbowl when the patriots were playing, and one of my coaching clients listed it as her favorite song when we first “met” so now it makes me think of them — and now you! 😀

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