being emo before emo was a thing — a sister’s dedication

scrolling through my twitter feed and cleaning out my gmail inbox, i started to hum a vintage (i can’t bring myself to call it an oldie yet…the 80s still don’t seem that long ago to me!) tune by the band danny wilson called “davy.”

and then i grinned.

sister and brother

though i haven’t thought of or heard this song in YEARS, i pulled the video up on youtube and still knew every single word to this “never-hit-it-big” tune. in an instant, i was 13 years old again and track two (aka connections) of this e-course was decided.

in the fall of 1990, my brother dave, headed off to college. (like an empty nester, i knew that time would come.)

having grown up in a home with just me, my dad, and dave, (sadly, sans mama) we were a close little family. it was easy to say that he was (and is still) one of my very best friends and the thought of him not being in his room down the hall from mine at night tore me up inside. (and i’m getting teary-eyed thinking of it, right now!)

being emo before being emo was even a thing, i played this song over and over again (and of course put it on a mixed tape for him to take to school!), missing him and thinking about him.


“the perfect time and the place is waiting for you. to put the smile on your face that i’m missing from you.”

oh how i missed his smile and his laughter while watching NBC comedies on thursday nights. sitting at the proverbial kitchen table with the huxtables, and at the bar with norm and cliff as woody served up cold ones just wasn’t the same.

i hope that all that glitters is gold for you, davy. but remember that money is nothing alone. remember if you want to come home, i won’t throw the first stone, davy.”

i knew he’d never leave school — he was meant for great things. but no matter what he ever chose to do (even to this day), i’d never judge his decisions. (and i’ll kick someone in the shins all girl-on-the-playground style if someone hurts him. so watch out!)

“so when the clouds start blocking the view above you, davy. i’ll never stop believing in you. i love you, davy.

no matter what challenges he met, i wanted him to know that i was the person to believed in him. always. and wouldn’t you know it? he does the same thing for me. always.

“one day you’ll come home shining out loud and we’ll all be prouder than proud. but no one is prouder than me, davy.

hey, i told you i was being emo. don’t act so surprised. 😉

on graduation day, i was so proud of my big brother. (i even adorned a miami university sweatshirt. *gasp* don’t tell my bobcat friends.)  and i’ve been proud more days than i can count since he left that campus in oxford, ohio.

so this track is dedicated to him — my davy. i’ll never stop believing in you.


how about you? what song brings up a connection for you?

tell me about it here or, better yet, go here to download the course and join us in the kismet community to share your soundtrack with others riffing on tracks, too. 😀

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