This is 37 — Another Year Goes By

I’m smiling right now as I tap away at the keys and sip on my jasmine tea.1383958_10201492317843504_186413079_n

I think of how incredibly lucky I am to have the life that I have and adore all the people who share it with me. I woke up this morning to a little boy who enthusiastically wished his mama a happy birthday (and says “old” when asked her age — something I just have to give a chuckle to), kisses from my love, gifts, cards, and dozens of online well wishes.

Love. This is what it feels like to be loved.

Some people go their entire lives and never know the feeling that I’m surrounded by and especially reminded of on this day of my birth. I’m one really freaking lucky duck and I know it.

With another year going by, I stop and reflect on what was in this past year and sometimes it’s hard to look beyond the hum drum of the daily grind but then I remember all the things that made me laugh till my stomach hurt (usually something Russ said), the feeling of little hands on my face as I’m being kissed by my son, visits with lots of fun TV and good food with my brother, and let us not forget the finale of Breaking Bad. *grin*

Have I had some down moments? Of course. Probably more than my share in all honesty but they are all made better by chocolate cake with chocolate frosting made by Mom Flint after a birthday lunch with my family. These are the moments that I choose to remember.

And in the next year I hope to:

Laugh even more.

Write even more.

Slow down.

Savor my food.

Call more.

Read poetry.

Drink lots of tea.

Hold hands.

Kiss slowly.

Sing loudly.

Dare greatly.

And at the request of my love, I’m going to attempt to grow my hair out as it’s not something he’s seen on me. (I admit this one excites and scares me a wee bit!)

And who knows what else might happen in the next year but I do know this…

I’m surrounded by the most amazing people to ever walk this planet and I’m forever grateful for that simple fact. I wouldn’t trade places with anyone. Not even Olivia Pope and her awesome wardrobe. Now you know I love my life.

And I love you.

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