So I’m Writing a Book

1555585_644726532230906_612207495_nAnd I have to say it’s the most terrifying and exciting thing I’ve done in a very long time. It’s a YA novel about a girl named Xavia who wears Chuck Taylors and loves The Pretty Reckless. She has a boyfriend named Patrick who drives a truck named Lamar. She’s a photographer who captures significant moments always. And so her story begins to unfold.
I’m not the type of writer who has an outline and I’m not even sure how the story is going to end. I’m letting Xavia develop and become her own person on the pages of my notebook. Ah, yes, I’m old school and writing long hand at first to get scenes down and then typing them into Scrivner and developing them a little bit more.

My notebook has become my constant companion over the past two months. Sure, I’ve had notebooks over the years, but I’ve decided to go all Writing Down the Bones style and really work through one in a month’s time. It’s amazing what happens when you carry a notebook around everywhere. Suddenly there are ideas at every turn, quotes to take note of, and characters to sketch on a lunch break.

It’s scary to announce that I’m writing a book because, well, this is when it’s time to actually put up or shut up. I’m putting up and it feels good. Damn good.

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  1. That’s awesome! I’ve been silently working on a book for the last couple of months. It’s creative non-fiction based on a period of my marriage. It’s very revealing I suppose- raw even -and it scares the hell out of me. I really love your idea about carrying a notepad around. I might take that onboard because I certainly can’t carry my MacBook with me everywhere lol. Good luck to you!

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