25 Random Things About Me

  1. When people ask me where the name Woz came from I tell them my parents were hippies and it’s short for Wozinia Snowflake.
  2. I have an impressive collection of various Monopoly editions.
  3. I’ve not read a lot of the “classics” and, as a writer, I feel guilty about this.
  4. I was a Make-A-Wish kid and got to meet New Kids on the Block. (Donnie 4 Eva!)
  5. Over the Rhine is my favorite band of all time.
  6. If you feed me sushi and red wine we will be BFFs forever.
  7. I’m well-versed in the world of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles thanks to a certain 5-year-old.
  8. Eugene, Oregon has my heart.
  9. Julian Edelman is my favorite part of watching New England Patriots games. #yalla
  10. My spirit animal is Alexandra Franzen.
  11. I started a club in grade school called The Abrus.
  12. I’m fortunate enough to have been published.
  13. My first real job out of college was as a speech writer.
  14. I can tell time by how many cups of tea I’ve consumed.
  15. I’m a TV junkie.
  16. I’m a founding member of the Eta Chapter of Alpha Psi Lambda.
  17. I’ve never called my dad “dad” — he’s always been Papo to me.
  18. This song always makes me happy.
  19. Professional pet sitting was my first foray into entrepreneurship.
  20. I was cut from the softball team in high school after getting a glove for Christmas.
  21. Hot Dr. Pepper with lemon is my drink of choice.
  22. The universe didn’t create me to be a mathematician.
  23. My hometown is called Defiance (yes, seriously).
  24. I believe that napping is a sport.
  25. And lastly, photographic evidence that I was, in fact, a total Blockhead. woz nkotb

Tell me a random thing or two about YOU! 🙂

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