She’s a Writer

“She’s a writer,” he said.

That was my husband’s reply to the Apple genius who was packaging up a MacBook Air for me as I got lost in all the shiny things-a-plenty strewn about the store.

Mr. Apple asked what I did for a living and Russ’ quick response caught me a little off-guard because, at the time, I wasn’t getting paid to write. He’s always seen a little something in me that I’ve never quite seen in myself.

We left Apple with a shiny new machine for me that I promptly named Arielle. I just knew I was going to write my little heart out on her keys.


That was more than 5 years ago.

Since then, my little Arielle has been many things. She’s been my right hand as I created a successful virtual assistance business. She’s been the hub of conversations for me to video conference with my family on Sunday afternoons. She’s been a social media maven.

What she hasn’t been, though, is the feisty little writing machine that I thought she’d be the day I brought her home.

Sure, I’ve used her to blog and write essays and articles from time to time, but she’s never been loved on a daily basis with words going into a long-form project that I always thought she’d be.

That is until now.

Arielle now has a new mission and she’ll be by my side as I pen my first book. This new adventure is equal parts exciting and terrifying. I’m not 100% sure I’m ready but I’m turning the page anyway.

“She’s a writer,” he said.

He’s always seen a little something in me that I’ve never quite seen in myself.

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