The World Needs Raw

I took a huge step today. I actually wrote the first words of my WIP, Beauty in the Breakdown.

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It wasn’t an easy thing for me to do if I’m being honest. I packed up all my writing supplies and headed to the library for some quiet time.

The library was closed.

I wanted to take this as a sign that I just wasn’t supposed to write today.

Instead, I kept on driving.

As I settled into a booth at my favorite ABQ cafe with a pot of vanilla chai tea, I did what any writer (who is procrastinating) would do, I texted my best friend, Missy, to let her know how scared I was about beginning this process.

“What if I write the worst book ever and it completely sucks!” is the message I sent to her.

Within minutes, my phone lights up with her reply and, being the amazingly supportive and encouraging person she is, she wrote just what I needed to hear and concluded it with “The world needs raw. The world needs you.”

I let that soak in for a minute or two.

The world needs raw. The world needs me.

I wrote those words inside the cover of my journal and got to the business at hand.

This afternoon it all officially began.

I have a ย beginning list of topics to include in the book.

I have a new writing schedule.

I have two pots of tea in my tummy.

And I now have 1,250ish words down on the page. It’s a start and it feels amazing. These next 9 months are going to be full of things that are going to test me as a writer, as a mom, as a person.

I’m so ready but know I couldn’t do it without the support of the people who love and support me. Thanks in advance, guys. This is going to be one wild ride and I love that you are buckling up with me.




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  1. Perfect that you chose/shared 9 months … Gestation … 40 weeks to birth … You’re having a book baby! You’re pregnant! Sometimes getting pregnant takes awhile … But now is the right/perfect time!

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