Hey there, you. Man, that sunrise over the mountains was something else this morning wasn’t it? The little things, I tell you. Eat them up when you can. Gobble them, even.

So, I’m kinda holding my breath right now. You see, I’m going through a lot of transition. I feel like that could be truthfully said at any given point in the last ten years or so, but even more so in this past year. I’m learning lessons I’ve never had to learn before.

Lessons about money.

Lessons about relationships.

Lessons about cars.

Lessons about how to pack and unpack (and then pack and unpack again and again…one more time!)

Lessons about being a mom.

Lessons about being an adult.

Lessons about being an overall better person.

It’s true we never stop learning. I’m not sure I ever want to. Even when those lessons are hard. (C’mon, are they ever really easy?)

I guess I should exhale and take it easy at this point…I hopefully have many years ahead and who knows how many more lessons to learn.

I’m glad I to know I’m not alone in this, though. I’ve always got you, right?

So tell me, what lessons have you learned lately?



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