Flirting with Fitness: Yoga Style

I was originally going to title this post “Fitness Freak” and then I thought to myself “Come on, Woz, who on earth are you kidding?” I mean, really? Fitness freak? French fry freak, maybe, but most definitely NOT fitness freak.

The truth is, I don’t really know what my relationship is with fitness. I’m curious about it and have been for years. So really, I think I’m in the flirting stages.

I’ve had different trysts here and there with different activities. Over the years I’ve tried boxing (oh, those cute pink Everlast gloves were to die for!), bike riding (of course my helmet was pink), and I even tried spinning (never, ever, EVER again), but I always come back to my two main love affairs when I really want to get my flirt on and that’s walking and yoga.

Now, I’m definitely no yogi. Not by a long shot.

I pulled out my yoga mat for the first time in probably 4 years and did the three poses you see in that picture above this morning and I was left breathless. And for those of you who know anything about yoga, you know those are very basic poses. At first I felt ashamed. How could I let my body get to the point where I can barely do the simplest of poses?

But then I stepped back and remembered that’s really not what yoga is about for me.

It’s not about perfection.

It’s about doing right by my body.

So I allowed my breath to soften. For my mind to be at ease.

And so I started over.

You can do that you know. You can totally start over. At any time. In any moment. Yoga is cool like that.

Instantly, I felt better. True, I was still breathless, but it was a different kind of breathless this time. It was the kind where when someone flirts with you and you lose your breath for a moment. Yeah, that good kind of breathless. Who doesn’t want that?

So tell me, what are you flirting with lately? And if you aren’t…what might you try?




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