Got 10 Minutes? 10 Ways to Self-Care


See those gorgeous soaking salts right there? They’ve been sitting in a jar for nearly a year now looking oh-so-pretty and smelling oh-so-fine. Today, though, they got to live out their destiny. They hopped out of that jar, into my hand for a hot second for their photo debut, and then into a hot bath where I’m almost positive I heard each and every grain say “ahhhh” as they landed in the water. It was actually quite the scene.

It got me wondering…is this what self-care is always like?

Is it always this magical?

If so, why on earth am I not doing it more often?

Sure, I know that life happens and we all have responsibilities. But I literally soaked for 10 minutes and it changed my whole day. 10 minutes!

We assume we have to have some HUGE chunk of time to devote to self-care, but really, it can be stolen moments here and there. In 10 minutes here are 10 different things you could do:

Sip a cup of tea

Read a page or two of a book

Take a quick walk

Savor good chocolate

Have a glass of wine

Write in your journal

Self massage (yeah, I said it)

Do a couple yoga poses

Call your best friend

Take a quick soak

These are all doable if you just make the time. It doesn’t have to perfect. It’s not about that…it’s about you and making some time to self-care. That’s what’s important here. You deserve this. So tell me, what might you try this week with your 10 minutes?


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