A Year of Less

So, I’ve been dabbling in minimalism for quite some time now. People like The Minimalists, Courtney Carver, and Tammy Strobel, well, they just seem to get me, ya know?

I’ve been pairing down my possessions and trying to be mindful about purchases, but know I haven’t been doing as much as I could be doing.

As much as I want to be doing.

I mindlessly impulse shop at my favorite bookstore every other week or so with my son and have a stack of unread books by the sofa in the living room to prove it.

My weakness though, my achilles heel of all spending…online classes, particularly of the writing flavor. When an offer for an early bird registration lands in my inbox, it’s like my deepest darkest addiction kicks in and takes over. I’m logging into PayPal or whipping out my credit card before I’ve even read the full details. Yes, it’s got that kind of hold on me.

By some sort of miracle, my impulse book purchase this week actually got read…in 2 days no less. What can I say, Cait Flanders just had my number.

And Cait also got me thinking…could I do a year of less?

So my little experiment is about to begin. Starting today, I’m about to embark on my very own Year of Less.

Here are the rules:

I’m allowed to, of course, buy things that are on my “Essentials” list. These include things such as groceries, toiletries, cleaning supplies, gifts for others, and school items for the little man.

I have a second list that is the “Approved” buying list. These are things that I know I need to already buy so they are going to be excluded from the challenge. I only own 2 pair of jeans right now and one pair is on the way out so when they go, I’m allowed to buy a replacement pair. I’m also allowed to buy a pair of summer bed sheets because all I have now are flannel sheets and if you know summer in ABQ, well, come on now….

The last list is an absolutely “Do Not Buy” list. This only has 3 things on it right now because they are my biggest weaknesses. Moleskines, classes, and books. Trust me, I have enough of these things to last me for a good year, I won’t go without.

These are just guidelines for now. I’m sure things will ebb and flow once this experiment really starts rocking and rolling, but I’ll keep you posted on how things progress.

How about you? Do you think you could do a year of less?

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