Hitting Snooze

Lately, I’ve been all over the place. Misplaced keys, shirt on backwards and inside out, and a bag of Fritos and a coconut La Croix for lunch. I wear a FitBit, though, so hey, I’m one health-conscious mama.

Just like most, I have plenty of goals and dreams, but my dream of getting a full night’s rest overrules all of those and encourages me to hit snooze on my alarm every morning instead. Thus, the frenzy to find keys, throw on a shirt any which way, and pack a less than nutritious lunch wins.

Yes, this is me, modern day mama.

Enter stage left, my son.

In the last 2 days alone, he learned how to tie his shoes and how to publish an original game to the Roblox platform.

He can tie each shoe in 7 seconds (I know because he has, in fact, had me time him) and according to him, it took about 6 minutes to build the game he published.

But let me backup a minute here because while we are now seeing the RESULT of all his work, this hasn’t always been the case and the RESULT is not a full representation of his journey to get there. The little man has been trying for months now — MONTHS — to master the art of shoe tying. Struggling with different methods and just plain not really being interested in wanting to own a pair of sneakers that either didn’t slip on or velcro.

But then, just like that, or so it seemed, something clicked. He decided to put in more time and try even harder. Shoes tied.

Then there’s the Roblox game that he worked on in the Roblox Studio on my MacBook and published this morning. Quite calmly, he came over to show me as if he’d done this a million times before, “Look, mom, my game is online now,” he said to me.

“What?! Oh my goodness, son! I’m so excited! I’m so…PROUD!”

Tears began to well up in my eyes. Between the shoes and this game, my son is making magic happen.

Just then he snapped me out of my daze, “Mom! It literally took me 6 minutes to build.”

Maybe it took him 6 minutes that morning but what he was forgetting is that the program stamps when you first start working on a project and it just so happens that this one was created just shy of 6 months ago. So while he may have put the finishing touches on it in 6 minutes this morning and hit publish, the idea had been a long time coming.

My little guy never stopped trying. Not even after months had passed. He decided to keep going and to keep trying. He stopped pressing the proverbial snooze button. And it’s making me realize that I need to stop pressing the real one and see what kind of magic I can make in my life, too.

How about you? Are you hitting snooze on your goals?

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